About WPC

About Wendy Paulet Consults

WPC was founded in 2015 in order to provide strategic support to young entrepreneurs in Nigeria. We help brands discover their unique selling point or highest competitive edge; and develop strategies around this unique selling point, which would enable them optimise their value delivery to yield more profit.

If you are looking to build a purpose-driven enterprise with a strong social impact that will represent your legacy long after you are gone, then it is a great thing you found us. Our aim is to bring clarity to your vision while strategising and hitting milestones every step of the way.

We have a vault of business resources that you can access via our business library. Find templates that could make your documentations a lot easier and save you some money; insightful videos on business and life, you didn’t even know you needed (updated weekly). We do this because we believe that sharing such information would enable a more productive and conscious (woke) society.

We have a platform created specially for unemployed youths (students and graduates alike). Learn more about it here.

We also partner with the best service providers (like IT professionals, Content creators, Accountants, Tax consultants, Lawyers) in order to provide the best solution to our clients.